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A chef serving his own food creation

Passion on a Plate

Isn't it an amazing thing when people find an industry they love?  Everybody wants that, right?  We all have to work (well, the majority of us do) and to love what you do makes life a lot easier.  Both myself…

Pueblos Blancos Music Festival, August 2019

Pueblos Blancos Music Festival

Pueblos Blancos or White Village Music Festival as it translates to, happens once per year, and we were lucky enough to discover this wonderful outdoor experience quite by accident in 2018.  We were out cycling on a Sunday when we…

Edible Bike Tours Gastronomic Adventures, how it all began, life is an adventure, dare it, says Mother Theresa

How it all began

Edible Bike Tours was created from our love of the outdoors, travel, food and wine.  A few years ago while in Spain we decided that it would be great to hire a bicycle for a couple of days to explore…

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