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We are Edible Bike Tours …. but who exactly are we?


Food connoisseur, gastronome, chef extraordinaire and all-round nice guy. Neil has spent all his professional life working in the food industry, starting his career with the auspicious position of Underwater Ceramic Technician (or Dishwasher) with the Merchant Navy. After cruising the high seas for 5 years Neil returned to London and obtained his City and Guilds qualifications, and then set off to conquer the world with food. He has lived and worked in the UK, Thailand, India, Australia, New Zealand and of course Spain and can whip up an exceptional Paella.


Wine enthusiast, traveller, cyclist and lover of adventure. Chriss has worked in the travel industry for 20 years and is an accredited Travel Broker (TAANZ and IATA) and has visited many countries, a lot by bicycle. She left New Zealand at the grand old age of 19 with a backpack and 30 years later still has a sense of wanderlust. Chriss has lived and worked in London, New Zealand and Spain, in the wine industry as well as travel, and loves nothing more than a plate of Neil’s Paella and a cold glass of wine after an exhilarating bike ride in the Andalucian countryside.


At Edible Bike Tours we love food, wine and travelling off the beaten track. We want to share the love … why not join us?

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