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Choosing an electric bike for Edible Bike Tours, Spain

Choosing an electric bike.

So here we were.  We needed to make a major investment on the core of our business, our bikes, and it had to be right.  Where to start?  What to buy?  Where to buy?  Rear or centre hub?  What size…

Masterclass, Spanish flan, with chef Neil Emery, Edible Bike Tours, Spain

Food for thought

How many hours do we spend eating and thinking about food?  You would be surprised.  These days lots of us plan our holidays around food, researching the cuisine of a particular country, checking restaurant reviews and asking friends for recommendations. …

Ridable Art, Electric Bikes

To e-bike or not to e-bike?

Our first challenge with this idea was the opinion of many that electric bikes are cheating.  Is it?  We don't think so!  You have control over everything, you choose what level of assistance  you want, it's that easy. Some people…

Edible Bike Tours Gastronomic Adventures, how it all began, life is an adventure, dare it, says Mother Theresa

How it all began

Edible Bike Tours was created from our love of the outdoors, travel, food and wine.  A few years ago while in Spain we decided that it would be great to hire a bicycle for a couple of days to explore…

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