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We have the bikes (well not this bike), electric bicycles in the spanish countryside

We have the bikes, now lets get riding!

So now what?  We have a business plan, we have a product.  We have the bikes.  But it’s all about our clients, what would they want to see, to experience?  We know we’re passionate about what we do, but everyone is different.  Therefore we have designed our tours with originality, variety and flexibility.  Some people prefer more food than cycling, so we’ve created a Cooking Demo Experience (more eating, less cycling).  Some don’t want to cycle during the heat of the day, so we have a Sunset ride.

We have driven and cycled all of our tours and we feel that we have it right.  But there’s always room for change as we move forward.


“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”  Stephen Hawking





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