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To e-bike or not to e-bike?

Our first challenge with this idea was the opinion of many that electric bikes are cheating.  Is it?  We don’t think so!  You have control over everything, you choose what level of assistance  you want, it’s that easy.

Some people think that with an e-bike you do nothing, this isn’t true.  You still have to pedal (that’s why they are called ‘pedal-assist’), if you stop pedalling the bike will stop, just like a normal bike.  And studies have shown that ebike users get over twice as much exercise than normal bike users, due to the clear statistic that they use the ebike more and are confident to push harder.

Owning an ebike has transformed many peoples lives, getting them back out there, enjoying riding again. I recently met a lovely lady on our travels who confided that she hadn’t ridden a bike for years and we got chatting…. she was on a 100km round trip that day and had clocked over 2000km in the past month.  She was almost in tears when she described what this meant to her, how it had changed her life. Now, I don’t think that is cheating is it?


“Life is like riding a bicycle.  You don’t fall off unless you stop pedalling”  Claude Pepper



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