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How It All Began

How it all began

Edible Bike Tours was created from our love of the outdoors, travel, food and wine.  A few years ago while in Spain we decided that it would be great to hire a bicycle for a couple of days to explore the area we live in, so that’s what we did.  A few issues here …. I’m a cyclist (that’s me, Chriss), and Neil is not.  However I don’t particularly like cycling up hills in 35 degrees heat, it’s just not enjoyable for me.  And as for Neil, it’s just not gonna happen at any time.

So we hired a couple of electric bikes and we have never looked back.  For the non-cyclist you still get the feeling of freedom bicycles give (without breaking a sweat), and for the cyclist, well you can switch the motor off completely if you so wish, it’s up to you.   We saw so much more by bike than we had previously seen by car, we had no parking issues and we could stop anywhere for breaks at any time.  There’s so many great cafes, bars and restaurants in these Andalucian white villages that you can’t get to by car (well you can, but the stress of driving up a road which is barely wide enough for the car is enough to drive you to drink!)

We subsequently decided to invest in a couple of e-bikes of our own and explore even more, so after clocking up many kms (and sampling some excellent tapas and wine while doing it), Edible Bike Tours was born.  Why not combine doing everything we love … food, wine, cycling, travelling, and just as importantly showing off this small part of the world which we love?

So this is us.  Edible Bike Tours.  We combine food, wine and cycling without breaking a sweat.  We like to call our tours “gastronomic adventures” on two wheels.  And we have a lot of fun because that’s what life is about, well that’s what we believe.  Thanks for reading!






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