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Choosing an electric bike for Edible Bike Tours, Spain

Choosing an electric bike.

So here we were.  We needed to make a major investment on the core of our business, our bikes, and it had to be right.  Where to start?  What to buy?  Where to buy?  Rear or centre hub?  What size motor, battery, how many gears, what regulations are there locally for these bikes?  Not to mention the VAST difference in prices.  So we researched, asked questions, talked to the major players in the world of ebikes, test-rode various bikes in New Zealand, USA and Europe, did more research and most importantly we listened.  The ebike revolution is new which does mean that more and more product is being released, not necessarily of equal quality and we knew we had to get it right.

After a year of research we decided on a fleet of ebikes which are made in Europe.  They are perfect for our hills and climate, they are sturdy, easy to ride, and they look very cool.  And the best thing for us is that our supplier is based in Seville which is only an hour away should anything go wrong.


“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel.  But ride”  Eddy Merckx



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